Ailleurs en Folie Pilsen

Ailleurs en Folie Pilsen

Our twin cultural capital Pilsen, in the Czech Republic, will be the subject of the 8th Home and Away. µ

Discover the renowned puppetry of the Alfa Theatre and the energetic rock'n'roll of the band Kniry, while the show Twins Pilsen / Mons will bring together two artists from there and two from here to reflect on identity and otherness. You can also take the opportunity to have your first Czech lesson, among other workshops, and try black pudding or cabbage with cinnamon with... genuine draught Pilsener! 

See you in town on 12 November for the parade from 4 pm and at the Maison Folie to continue the festivities from 6 pm! 

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Une coproduction le manège.mons/Maison Folie, la Fondation Mons 2015, Johan et Plzeň 2015. Avec l’aide de Wallonie Bruxelles International, Open Air et Le Ministère de la culture de la République Tchèque.