Anne Herbauts

Anne Herbauts was born in Brussels around 1975. She studied Illustration & Comics at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Brussels. She published more than thirty children’s books and comics. She also writes for short movies, animation movies, etc…



Anne Herbauts has, throughout 2014, written twelve letters to Mons. She relates her walks around the territory, her discoveries, her favorite things, her encounters… The broom she bought at the hardware store, the chocolate croissant, the season tree…

This will give place to:

  • A pre-exhibition of six of these letters at the maison Losseau between the 23rd of April and the 30th of September.
  • An exhibition of the twelve letters at the Jemappes’ Library between the 16th and the 25th of October 2015 for the Illustrated books Festival and until the 16th of November for late visitors.

The pedagogical suitcases

She also conceived three “pedagogical suitcases from the slag heap” for the town’s libraries. Suitcases filled with small things, objects, with tiny speeches and drawings, in order to discover in our own way a slag heap and to take a walk on it, suitcase in hand. Suitcases filled with imagination and poetry for the town’s kids: some sort of dreamy workshops held in the libraries. Inside you may find a survival guide to speak to the sparrows and to give them news from above, a cuddly toy, a naked dragon, among many other things…