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Par Koshiro Otsuka
22 Oct 2015
23 Oct 2015

Japanese calligraphy is an art of writing whose movements are in harmony with breath. There are now two main trends in Japanese calligraphy: the first one consists in writing kanji in a traditional style. The second one is a modern artistic style, allowing the calligrapher to go beyond conventions and to express oneself more freely. Koshiro Otsuka, a master calligrapher especially coming from Japan for the occasion, is looking forward to offering his message and passion to the visitors of Mons 2015.

Maison Folie -Bistrot Folie
Rue des arbalestriers 8
7000 Mons
Opening Hours: 

Jeu 22.10 Démonstration à 18h30
Ven 23.10 Workshop à 18h30

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