ECHO festival

in the context of Saint-Ghislain, ville partenaire
ECHO festival
16 Oct 2015
18 Oct 2015

In the context of Saint-Ghislain, ville partenaire

Native of Saint-Ghislain, Jean Ockeghem is considered the father of polyphony. He is one of the most brilliant composers of the XV century. In his memory, the Cité de l’Ourse (City of the Bear) organises every year in October the Festival of Polyphony ECHO, a major musical event, centred on the multiple facets of the human voice.
The Festival will assume a special significance in 2015 participating in harmony with the week devoted to Roland de Lassus in Mons by inviting particular famous vocal ensembles such as Laudantes Consort (Belgium), Anuna (Ireland) and Gentlemen Singers (Czech Republic).
At the same time as the echoes of the Festival, a video projection will take you on a virtual journey in the XV century, in the historical heart of Saint-Ghislain. Culture, technology and history will become one for 3 days.


A project of the City and Saint-Ghislain Cultural Centre in co-production with the Mons 2015 Foundation.
With the support of Wallonia.

Eglise Saint-Géry
Place de Baudour
7331 Saint-Ghislain
Opening Hours: 

Vendredi 16 octobre – 20h : THE GENTLEMEN SINGERS

Samedi 17 octobre – 20h: ANUNA

Dimanche 18 octobre -17h : LAUDANTES CONSORT


5€ /concert.

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