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Elemental Gestures

Terry Fox - Bill Viola
Elemental Gestures
05 Mar 2016
12 Jun 2016

Terry Fox (1943-2008), an American-European artist and emblematic representative of the art scene in the 1970s, gave a crucial impetus to European performance and audio and video art. He worked with the biggest names of his generation such as Joseph Beuys, Vito Acconci or Dennis Oppenheim.

The FIRST VIDEOGRAPHERS exhibition has a resonance link between the work of Terry Fox and a selection of video installations by Bill Viola. The two of them have actually worked together, sharing their revolutionary approaches to and idea of art.

Between archival trace and pure creation, the exhibition shows how Bill Viola uses this medium as an artistic expression whereas Terry Fox uses it both to document his performances and as a point of departure of his new creations, by playing with the multiple potentialities offered by video.

Finally, this exhibition explores the origin of ever so topical trends such as the interactive experience of body and meaning or the virtualisation of art, due to the digital revolution.

The part of the exhibition devoted to Terry Fox is conducted in cooperation with the Berlin Academy of Fine Arts which features a retrospective of this artist from November 2015 to January 2016.

Information: www.bam.mons.be - 065/40.53.25

BAM (Musée des Beaux-Arts)
Rue Neuve 8
7000 Mons
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