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Japan Move

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Japan Move
22 Oct 2015
23 Oct 2015


JEU. 22/10 à 20:00
VEN. 23/10 à 21:30 (Juste après Tôkyô Subjective)
Durée : 30 minutes

Dizziness is not a physical symptom. It is more like a cloud of turbid emotions. With its blurred and hazy outline, it cannot be readily defined in clear words. This cloud seems to be always with me. If you tell me to sleep, I will fall asleep. Or perhaps rather not? If you tell me to walk, I will walk. Or perhaps rather not? One way or another, I let myself drift into a world of dizziness.Chorégraphie: Toshiko Oka

Danseurs interprètes : Toshiko Oka, Koji Itose
Musicien : Jean Paul Brédif


JEU. 22/10 à 20:00
Durée : 30 minutes

Crossfading is a technique that creates a smooth transition from one sound to another, from one image to another, from one movement to another. In this short piece, Thomas Duchatelet explores and examines the many variations of crossfading and of chassé-croisé with nine Japanese dancers from the Kôbe College Jogakuin.


VEN. 23/10 à 21:30 (Juste après Tôkyô subjective)
30 minutes

Zero Body is inspired by a segment of the lyrics in a song from an animated film by Hayao Miyazaki. It has nothing to do with the story of the film but the choreograph Toru Shimazaki was mystified by the notion of the body becoming zero.

Chorégraphie : Thomas Duchatelet (Crossfading) Toru Shimazaki (Zero Body)
Musique live et bande son: Jean Paul Brédif (Crossfading)
Danseuses interprètes:  Mayu CHINUSHI, Mikiko FUJIMORI, Miyu KAWAHARA, Aeju KIM, Yôkô OKA, Soyoka SASAKI, Ayane SATO, Ayumi SUGITA, Chihiro HATTORI


Maison Folie - Salle des Arbalestriers
Rue des Arbalestriers 8
7000 Mons
Opening Hours: 

JEU. 22/10 à 20:00
VEN. 23/10 à 21:30 (Juste après Tôkyô subjective)


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+32 65 39 59 39


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