Let's get the ball rolling together in Mons on 12 December !

Let's get the ball rolling together in Mons on 12 December !


How do you wrap up a wild year? What can you do that will live up to all the excitement, the encounters and the discoveries of the last twelve months? It all came down to one word for us: party!

We decided to illuminate the city and invade its squares for an evening of partying, dancing, saying thank you, looking back and hailing the future...

And so it is that three great themed parties await you in the largest squares in the city. Get down to the great timeless classics at the Pop Party (Place du Parc), dance to the sounds of the south at the Mundo Party (Square Roosevelt) or check out the Electro Party (Place Nervienne). In each square you will find an explosive music programme, surprise entertainments and staging and lighting to suit the occasion!

At other venues, the partying will take place to different soundtracks: for the (somewhat) less vigorous there will be a Waltz Party (Arsonic); for lovers there’s a Slow Dance Party (in the courtyard of 106), and for the younger partygoers there’s a Kids’ Party (from 14.00 at the Maison Folie).

The sky will be lit up too, with three simultaneous firework displays at the different squares scheduled for midnight! 

Party Programme

Six parties to wrap up a wild year!

Practical Information

Info points, parking ideas, shuttle service...

Call for participants

We are looking for 300 participants to warm up the crowd !

Festive Extras !

Late exhibition, museum opening,...

Découvrez et partagez notre clip !

Clip réalisé par Magicowl sur une musique d'Al Tarba, l'un des DJ qui jouera au Bal Elektro !

Boissons & Restauration

Bars et snacks spécialement prévus pour l'occasion

Mons 2015 Forever

postcards, video mini retrospective, magazine... Ask for the collectors !

What happens after 12.12?

The celebration continues ! Discover Mons 2015 and after.