Mons street Review

Mons street Review
24 Jan 2015
31 Dec 2017


Have you ever taken the risk of Googling your street name to see your house, your street at 360° and recognized that one of your neighbours was hiding behind one of the blurred faces? Now add ‘Mons’ in the search engine and you’ll be likely to have quite a big surprise! The French X/tnt Collective has indeed used the very same technology of immersive numeric mapping… only to better use it distort its original purpose.

10 kms of Mons

With Mons Street re-View, ‘Lady Bug’ captures happenings with her camera strapped on a kart: locals from Mons in unlikely poses and garbs, the lot over 10 km of Mons streets! The shootings, made in 2014, already were a dominant theme in the European media thanks to what was seen as a subversive twist to typified Mons 2015 public space interventions: the staging of daily life by unpredictable artists, the questioning of new technologies and the participation of the inhabitants of Mons. No blurring, guaranteed.  


Design: A. Taddei, L. Nobileau / Photo: B. Saugier, B. Goots / Decor: A. Linais, D. Merchie / Web F development: Sarron / Postproduction workshops Technocité.


A Mons 2015 Foundation co-production, X/tnt and Technocité

Rues de Mons
Grand place
7000 Mons

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