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Opening ceremony

Illuminez la fête !
Opening ceremony

Illumination is the theme of the Mons 2015 grand opening ceremony. You will be turned into a living mirror ball when you pull on one of the 18,000 silver ponchos that will be distributed for free. Then just wander around! There is no schedule for exploring every street, park and building that the artists have transformed. Light the thousands of candles that will set Place du Parc ablaze. Be dazzled by the 3D mapping of Carré des Arts. Or learn to dance with a hundred fluorescent robots at Place du Marché aux Herbes. All the artists will be out and about, but if you wander into the cultural venues, look out! It’ll be Woodstock at the Théâtre du Manège and jazzed up classics at the Alhambra. Overwrought? Then drift off into a reverie at the Belfry with the luminous elves who watch over the sleeping dragon. Treat yourself to a Finnish jacuzzi, then head back to the Grand’Place and dance into the small hours. Cue the lights!

Fire installation

Place du Parc

Within minutes, Place du Parc will be set ablaze. A hundred of you will help the Compagnie Carabosse to light the thousands of candles on its fire installations, which have already lit up city squares all over the world. A magical atmosphere, eyes shining, buildings dancing in the candle glow: what better way to embody the ceremony’s theme of illumination?

Belfry Gardens

A giant dragon sleeps in the Belfry Gardens, watched over by hundreds of illuminated elves.


Marché aux Herbes

A hundred robots hanging from the building fronts on Marché aux Herbes will get you dancing.

Mapping 360°

Cour du Carré des Arts

Projected in 3D and 360° on all four sides of the square: clips by Dirty Monitors.
Belfry illumination

Belfry Gardens

The watchtower of Mons is illuminated. On 24 January, it will be visible from afar!
Mons in 2015 Photos

Mons Railway Station

Nine cubes of 52 photos taken by the Mons Photography Club: the nine worlds of Mons.

Polyphonic installation #2 Vox Luminis

St Waudru’s Collegiate Church

The voices of Orlando di Lasso soar up into the nave. Guaranteed heaven on earth.


St Waudru’s Collegiate Church

Go into the tents to listen to a musician, come out and listen to the whole band!

The Best Is Yet To Come

St Waudru’s Collegiate Church

Make your way into Filip Gilissen’s corridor: a golden primeval forest will close in on you.

Opening Party - ORIGINAL REMIX

Maison Folie

Fanny Bouyagui and her collective from Roubaix, Art Point M, are the kings of the VGs and the DJs.


Théâtre du Manège – Main auditorium

A brazier, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin… it’s Woodstock at the Manège.



After the fireworks at Place Nervienne, there’ll be a mega rave into the early hours. Move your body!



The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia at the Alhambra is like Nirvana at the Opera.

Finnish Hot Pots

106 rue de Nimy

Six Finnish jacuzzis at 106, Rue de Nimy, home of the Mons 2015 Foundation. It’s your turn to sweat.

Song Lines

City centre

Tombe la neige in Japanese, Italian or Korean? A Flemish tribute to Adamo.

City centre

The ten dragons of the Ducasse de Messines in the streets of Mons? A Doudou-style hunt.


Place Nervienne

Oh! Look at that blue one! Look at that red one…!

Envolée Chromatique


White balloons lift accordionists and dancers off the ground. You’ll be blown away!


Mons city centre

Put on one of the 18,000 (free) reflective ponchos and become a mirror ball.

The sound of darkness


In the mysterious chapel, the students of ARTS² make some very strange noises.

Installation de Feu
Mapping 360°
Illumination du Beffroi
Mons en 2015 Photos
Polyphonic Installation #2 Vox Luminis    
The Best is Yet to Come
Crazy House by Maison Folie
From Woodstock with Love
Electro Night / Pure FM
Hot Pots Finlandais
Song Lines
Feu D'artifice
Envolée Chromatique    
Il était une fois
Les Sons des Ténèbres
Concerto de public

Mons Intramuros
Grand-Place de Mons
7000 Mons
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