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Pairi Daiza

Le Jardin Impressionniste
Pairi Daiza
04 Apr 2015
08 Nov 2015

Pairi Daiza, the Garden of the Worlds, leads its visitors on a trip from one continent to another, among the plant, animal, cultural and spiritual riches which can be found hidden in this domain formerly inhabited by the Cistercian monks of the Abbaye de Cambron.

Drawing inspiration from the homage being given to Van Gogh, the park is opening, for Mons 2015, a new garden inviting the visitor to take a path inspired by the most beautiful works of impressionist artists. The theme of the garden is carried out so that the views, lights and colours take us into the universe of painters such as Monet, Manet, Pissarro
or Renoir.

The garden becomes the easel, the sky the canvas and the plants the brush strokes. The movement, the fleeting impressions, the fluidity of the space materialise through a movement, as it happens, of a flow of water which, like the pictorial current, draws us into a universe that is both real and bucolic inspired by the nature that surrounds us.




Pairi Daiza
Domaine de Cambron
7940 Brugelette

Tarifs pour l’accès à l’entièreté du Parc : 28,5€/26,5€/23,5€

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