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Parade Sauvage

Art & contre-culture autour des sixties
Parade Sauvage
17 Oct 2015
24 Jan 2016

The exhibition Parade sauvage is a homage to Rimbaud that highlights artists’ resistance to the middle-class conformism of the sixties. It examines the counter-cultural movement that emerged during this period from several perspectives: 

Environmentalism: artists were interested in reconciling nature and culture, and used methods of expression such as imprints or mimicry.
Anarchism: in their critique of the mass media, artists took the images and words of the capitalist system and gave them a new twist in the form of collages, posters and leafl ets.
Transvestism: in an attack on social conformism, artists cross-dressed and posed like dandies with outrageous accessories and make-up.
Ritualism: artists conveyed individual or collective trauma by getting back in touch with primitive forms of expression such as body paint or the sacrificial rite.

Featuring works by Andy Warhol, Asger Jorn, Giuseppe Penone, Arnulf Rainer, Nan Goldin and many others.

Een coproductie van de Museum pool van de Stad Bergen en de Stichting Mons 2015.

BAM (Beaux-Arts Mons)
Rue Neuve, 8
7000 Mons
Opening Hours: 

MAR. > DIM. 10:00 > 18:00


9€ / 12€ (Ticket combiné avec "Verlaine, cellule 52")

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