Artistic partners

Artistic partners


Mons 2015 is a dream that has been painstakingly realised by hundreds of local as well as international artists.

Among them, six major personalities have agreed to design unique adventures for the citizens of Mons, each injecting their own style and artistic flair. The supporting artists are not just the cherry on the cake; they are the baking tin, the cake mix and the whisk, all of which combine to make this explosive recipe. Cooking up here we have Lespagnard, Mouawad, Flamand, Norac, Pinilla and Bouyagui. Magic! 


In 2011, the Lebanese-Quebecois playwright Wajdi Mouawad gave a wonderful gift to 50 pupils from home and abroad. Five years of meeting people and travelling to learn to read, write, count and speak – and, ultimately, to think independently. Is this not the aim of the Seven Tragedies of Sophocles, which will be presented in their entirety during Mons 2015 by Wajdi? A project as ambitious as it is generous!


What if all the knowledge of the world was gathered into one place? Such was the utopia of the two creators of the Mundaneum. For its reopening, our supporting artist, the choreographer Frédéric Flamand, has been inspired by Google de Papier. Through a blend of video and dance, The Mirror City calls our utopias into question – a unique performance featuring a hundred amateur dancers, taking place at the Lotto Mons Expo.


The Director of the Art Point Mcollective is truly active everywhere – Ambassador for Lille 3000 at la Maison Folie, sunflower horticulturalist at the Grand-Place, and, above all, commander-in-chief of the great poetic demonstration of ‘Mon(s) Idéal’, where colourful slogans abound. She is paving the way for the new generation, and towards 2016. Subversive!


This Belgian fashion designer and star of the catwalk is ready to stun with his contemporary designs. He is also running fashion workshops for men and women from 7 to 70; whether you’re into metal or platinum, the Opening Party will be shining bright. 


A Mons poet who loves his city as much as he loves words. Whether at the post office, the courthouse or in your very own living room, Carl will tell you stories in the dark. He is to reveal his own collection of illustrations for the first time during the Festival of Illustrated Books in Jemappes, as well as filling in as editor of the literary review L’Impertinente.


Marc Pinilla, lead singer of Suarez, is not only a coach on The Voice; he also trains young writer-composers and audiovisual technicians in the art of musical composition here in Mons. He is also creating an off-the-wall musical spectacle with Olivier Monssens: they will open Pandora’s box and heat the made-in-Belgium hit factory to the max…