Exhibitions & museums

Exhibitions & museums

This year’s agenda is certainly befitting of a European Capital of Culture

Mons is set to play host to more than twenty exhibitions throughout the year. The incredible diversity of the projects paints a unique and vibrant panorama of ancient and contemporary art, from the figure of St George in the history of art to monumental sculpture in China. And we must not fail to mention the Van Gogh and Verlaine exhibitions. These are two major figures in modern art whose time in Mons is thought to have influenced their artistic career. All of these events and exhibitions are sure to appeal not only to the public at large but also to cultural enthusiasts.

The city’s international agenda is deeply steeped in history. Take, for example Atopolis, an urban utopia seen through the eyes of twenty or so artists from the four corners of the world. Or the retrospective exhibition devoted to Outsider Art, an iconic art movement of the 20th century.       

This year, more than any other, Mons is living up to its title of European Capital of Culture

A wealth of other projects will take place at the exhibition sites of the Mons region: local and international artists, young and established talent, transitory and unusual artworks – all will make their mark on Mons’ artistic agenda.

This cultural explosion will not stop at the borders of Mons! From Intra Muros and the Borinage, to the Centre, Charleroi and Namur, Brussels, Valenciennes, 17 museums will be opening their doors to Mons’ impressive exhibitions during 2015. These partner programmes will involve Belgian and international artists, contemporary and classical art, museum projects, town walks and countless surprises for all kinds of audiences of every sort… a rich year which, in this way, will see the (re-)birth of iconic exhibition locations such as the B.P.S.22, Keramis and also the Mundaneum.

The groundbreaking year has been launched!