Fashion & design

Fashion & design

The Mons 2015 fashion event could not have wished for a better ambassador than accomplice artist Jean-Paul Lespagnard.

Jean-Paul, with his expertise, talent and off-beat humour, will be spoiling us with his presence this year: he will be taking part in the opening ceremony, hosting creative workshops open to young and old alike, as well as presenting a Mexican-themed summer fashion show. Following in his wake will be a host of designers from Mons and the local regions, who will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate their skills during city events such as the fashion and design weeks.

The opening of the Maison du Design in early 2015 will lend support to this process by providing a superb backdrop for showcasing their work. Another new creativity space, the Centre Keramis, dedicated to ceramics, will also open in La Louvière in spring 2015.

Mons will welcome the whole Europe this year  – after all, living up to its European Capital of Culture.

During the Home and Away event devoted to Milan, fashion and design will be very much in the forefront, and we will experience firsthand the very latest developments from this fashion capital. Meanwhile, the World Craft Council will be hosting the European Summit of Applied Arts. And last but not least, Grand Hornu Images offers us the first retrospective of the fabulous designer Jasper Morrison.

The underlying goal of this rich and varied offering is to promote community spirit and well-being in Mons.