The Grand Ouest

The Grand Ouest

The “inclusive” dimension of the project is reflected throughout the Mons 2015 agenda.

International visitors will be able to experience the results of the long and painstaking process that lies behind the organisation of the Great 8, in which citizens and associations in the municipalities of the Greater Mons area have the opportunity to join forces to propose and develop their own projects, with the underlying theme of territory, memory and identity. This is “participatory democracy” at its best, without the grandstanding and naive optimism that often accompanies it. The idea is to find the right group dynamic, combining the desires of individuals and the expertise of artistic teams, to deliver an end result that is both meaningful and impactful, to be enjoyed by the general public during a week-long series of festivities.

The Borinage region take part ! 

The 12 mayors of the Borinage region in turn agreed to get their local associations and communities involved in similar projects. The event will also feature three days of festivities in each of the municipalities, showcasing the works of the people living there – all against the backdrop of the renovation of Van Gogh’s homes in Wasmes and Colfontaine, archaeological findings in Quaregnon, the multicultural diversity of Hensies and the rich folkloric resources in Quévy. These events mark the first steps in a new type of collaborative venture which has every chance of being perpetuated as a partnership between individuals, associations, public authorities and the municipalities themselves, as is now the case between Honnelles and Quiévrain.



Colfontaine Van Gogh La folle légende-c-Le Grand Ouest

Colfontaine : « Van Gogh, la folle légende »

sorcières de Boussu -c- Grand Ouest

Frameries : Sorcières, Bobottes et Compagnies...

Quévy : Fête du folklore à Asquillies-Plage

Jurbise : Si Jurbise m'était conté...

Hensies : Hensies, village du monde


Quaregnon : Trésors des pyramides noires


Honnelles & Quiévrain : Moneuse

Lens : Paul Cuvelier, Les chemins du merveilleux


Saint-Ghislain : Saint-Ghislain au fil de l'eau