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Mons Superstar !

Ideas and men
Mons Superstar !
24 Jan 2015
12 Apr 2015

Innovation: look into it, and you ultimately find men and women inventing, redesigning and innovating.

Mons Superstar is a must if you wish to encounter great men and women at the heart of a city and its region, and the perfect introduction to this European Year of Culture. Travel back in time to explore the dynamism of Mons and learn about the insane wagers and calculated risks, the triumphs and tribulations of fired-up inventors, zealous idealists and pragmatic engineers, all of whom have helped transform this city and its surrounding region.

You will discover examples of amazing boldness, optimism and perseverance.

Jean-Charles Houzeau, a brilliant scientist and director of the Belgian Royal Observatory, was also an unwavering humanist who fought against slavery while the American Civil War was raging, often endangering his life in the process. Nicolas Hardenpont’s claim to fame rests on his development of the juicy pear as we know it today! Isabelle Blume was an early campaigner for women’s place in society. Charles Malapert was a keen astronomer who gave his name to a lunar crater…

This highly interactive exhibition takes a light-hearted approach to learning.

Appropriately enough, the use of new technologies ensures that inventiveness and innovation are also at the heart of the visitor experience. This is a treasure hunt and voyage of discovery–a quest for fascinating facts and stories, from below the city’s pavements all the way to the stars, via pear orchards, so take a deep breath and plunge into the heart of Mons, Superstar!

To top it off, some distinctive portraits by Olivier Cornil will celebrate the region’s inhabitants – the unsung heroes who make the city of Mons the remarkable laboratory that it is today.

With Mons 2015 Fondation, UMONS, UCL-Mons, Archives de l’Etat à Mons, Bibliothèque royale de Belgique, Musée Royal de l’Afrique centrale, BELSPO and Pôle muséal de la ville de Mons.



Les Anciens Abattoirs
Rue de la Trouille, 17
7000 Mons
Opening Hours: 

TUE > SUN : 10.00 > 18.00


5/8 €

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