Mons' 2015 musical is deeply rooted in the history of the city and its neighbouring areas. 

Rolandus Lassus is undoubtedly the biggest name in the musical programme, with this famous “Montois” being honoured by his native Mons in the 2015 agenda through a number of concerts, concepts and celebrations. This innovative 16th-century composer was a star throughout Europe, from Italy through the music he wrote to the poetry of Petrarca, and in Bayern (Germany) where he was the court composer, and where he died. This Franco-Flemish composer of the late Renaissance embodies the musical polyphony of the Franco-Flemish school, and is considered one of the three most famous and influential musicians in Europe at the end of the 16th century.

An amazing collection of choirs will honour Lassus in a variety of projects during “A week with Lassus” – from a children’s choir to a choir of around 700 fans, from classical to contemporary musicians. Exhibitions, publications and lectures will enable the general public and connoisseurs alike to rediscover the man and his music. 

Bringing together different musical worlds is a focal point of Mons 2015.

The two concert halls will mix classical and pop concerts, and a range of different styles of music. The Royal Chamber Orchestra of Wallonia will play a crazy jam session for the opening party in Alhambra under the impressive mural of Bonom (Vincent Glowinsky). During 2015 Alhambra will host many rock concerts and electro parties. A brand-new music centre will also open its doors in spring: Arsonic.