Mons 2018

Mons 2018

On the road to Mons 2018!

The Mons 2015 Foundation is surfing on the success of “Mons, European Capital of Culture” in 2015 and it now becomes the Mons 2025 Foundation.

Its goals are clear: We need to keep the momentum and the wind of change that is not only blowing on the city but also blowing people’s minds away. We need to maintain the interest and the curiosity that our visitors and our public felt during this exceptional year that has been lauded by all. We need to continue opening the channels of culture, offering intelligent leisure activities, providing art history, etc., for all Mons citizens but also people beyond.

These missions focus on five main issues:

Culture is Here

Cultural institutions in Mons need to unite. They need to focus on a strategy and communication tools that they all share.

The cultural network of the Hainaut province

Cooperation with the other players of the Hainaut province in the field of culture needs to continue and to be pushed forward by the Hainaut province.

International relations

We need to foster the reputation of our territory at an international level while focusing on promoting our cultural offer in artistic and diplomatic networks abroad. This needs to be closely intertwined with the Tourism Office which will stimulate tourism networks.

Culture and Economy

We need to work at getting the worlds of culture and economics closer to each other through the continued activity of the non-profit organization Mons 2025 Business Club.

MONS 2018

A major cultural date on an international scale that will revive the spirit of the festive European Capital of Culture.
A unifying event that will be based on the values that brought the success of Mons 2015: an emphasis on proximity, a strong will to share (through the pursuit of interactive and territory projects among other things), innovations, a demanding artistic mentality and, of course, a small touch of craziness.
First time: fall 2018! Until then, in 2016 and in 2017, the Foundation will pave the way with some big events for starters that you can find in our agenda

You can find the members of the Management Board of the Foundation, its balance sheet and its activity reports here.

Nos projets

La Fondation Mons 2025 organise des évènements qui lui sont propres et conformes à ses valeurs.