Theatre, Dance

Theatre, Dance

Mons has built a solid reputation in the field of performing arts over the last 30 years, with amongst others, two major festivals: VIA Festival and Festival Au Carré.

During 2015, Mons will welcome more than 250 artists, 68 institutions from 12 different countries, 36 creations, around 10 of which will be world premieres.

On an international level, some of the major events include new works by Marco Matrinelli from Italy, Lebanese-Canadian Wajdi Mouawad, Flemish Wim Vandekeybus and Joel Pommerat from France.

Mons not only welcomes the world, but brings the theatre into people’s homes through “proximity projects” such as Fait Maison, Autour de la Table and Les Infiltrés. Actors will recite their favourite texts in people’s homes, perhaps performing a first reading there before risking a more off-the-wall piece in local schools.

While the world comes to Mons, Le Festin focuses on promoting local talent in a Hainaut-style festival of creativity, combining the resources of local artists with a popular festive event.

Mons has many surprises in store for you in 2015, welcoming a host of international artists, in collaboration with some of the theatre greats of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation as well as talent from Flanders. The aim is to build bridges to the future, to break down prejudices and to change traditional approaches. A significant step in this direction: the Festival de Liège will be opening their season in Mons.